DJs Towing and Hot Shot

Ice Road Trucking:

DJ’s Towing & Hot Shot Services is one of the few companies that offer ice road trucking services in the Northwest Territories. Many areas in this region are only accessible via airplane or ice roads during the long winter months. With many mining operations in desolate areas, the ice-road trucking service is by far the most economical means to get their supplies at a fraction of the cost of airplane cargo. DJ’s Towing & Hot Shot Services offers the following ice road trucking services:

• TL Deck
• Van Trailer
• Heavy Haul / Over-dimensional

Ice road trucking is a particularly dangerous service and needs to be handled by professionals. Trust DJ’s Towing & Hot Shot Services to provide the service with the upmost confidence. Contact us today for more details about our services or to get a quote.

Ice Road Recovery:

Transportation in the Northwest Territories is a dangerous game. Whether a normal day commute or an ice road trucking service, you are at risk of going off the road or through it in conditions that are not desirable. Crossing an ice road in a big truck is an especially risky job and gets even riskier as the weather begins to warm. DJ’s Towing and Hot Shot Services has seen it all and have the experience to recover your vehicle whatever the situation may be. With our equipment and professional operators, we are equipped to get you out of harms way and back on the road if possible. In need of ice road recovery services? Call the professionals at DJ’s Towing and Hot Shot Services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.