DJs Towing and Hot Shot


    Towing & Recovery

    DJ’s Towing and Hot Shot Services! The name says
    it all…. We specialize in hot shot services for the
    Northwest Territories and surrounding areas. Based
    out of Yellowknife we can deliver to and or pick up from
    anywhere you need us to.


    Equipment Hauling

    DJ’s Towing & Hotshot Services can handle all your
    equipment hauling needs. We are the preferred
    heavy hauling company for the Northwest Territories.
    With professional logistics, know how and equipment
    we can get the job done.


    Ice Road

    DJ’s Towing & Hot Shot Services is one of the few
    companies that offer ice road trucking services in the
    Northwest Territories. Many areas in this region are
    only accessible via airplane or ice roads during the
    long winter months.